Why, hello, hello, hello everybody and welcome to Star Crowned Book Throne! Whether you’ve purposely come to join the party of screaming-insane fangirls or you’ve accidentally stumbled across this site (and are no doubt absolutely scared for your life) this is a blog where you can hopefully find to calm your emotion-filled hearts (or, let’s be completely realistic here, spur them on harder)!

Here we talk a lot about young adult fiction (as well as the occasional other strayers including things from other genres of books to posts all about food!) and make a heap of explosions and parades obsessing discussing them! This blog is all about being in the conversation – I always love hearing all your thoughts, opinions, feelings and raw excited emotions on anything and everything!

  • I like reading
    This is the part where someone throws a bottle at my head and screams ‘no sh*t Sherlock’ but hey, I just wanted to put it out there for the uncertain joes that didn’t quite see it but yes, I like books and I hope books like me and stop torturing me soon with such painful deaths and murders and torturousness.
  • I like food
    I mean not really surprising considering that food is food but hey, I wanted to put that out there because as I sit here, 10pm in the night thinking about food, I start to think that right now and every minute of the day is a wonderful day to eat.
  • I like to sing and I like to dance
    But well, I quite lack any talent in those two fields. Mostly I look and sound like a drowned cat that thinks its a fish except, I don’t sound as pretty.
  • I like to write
    And I’m just going to shamelessly plug this Wattpad here *winks*
  • I’m Australian
    As much as vegemite and fairy bread and I am proud.
  • I like to talk and make friends 
    Sometimes I’m fangirling and screaming and other times I stare at people and nervously contemplate how it is possible to make a new friend but all the time I’m in love with talking and meeting new people whether I’m in an outgoing or shy mood! So please, please, please, always feel welcome and happy to say a hello because I’d love to meet and talk and have lengthy sophisticated screaming fangirl matches with you all

And yes! I don’t know enough about myself because alien robots as a species have not fully evaluated humans to complete destruction yet to tell you all too much more but I hope this was at least semi-interesting!

I really hope to see you out and around this glorious community and I love you all! 


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